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Astrology and Credit Card Debt

March 12, 2010 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, Uncategorized, current events, the planets, transits


Here is a link to an article I  wrote almost 4 years ago on the 8th house and credit card debt: http://www.thirdage.com/today/horoscopes/astrology-credit-card-debt.

This article is featured in Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps! published by Skywriter as Part of the 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon. The purpose of this web-based event is to create a permanent library of articles about how to deal with the stresses of the Cardinal T-Square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. The main page for the Blogathon collections is at The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto.

The article is part of the ThirdAge.com website that I used to write for. Now you can read my articles on various astrological matters here at Midlife Transits.  You can also contact me for a personal consultation or find me in Culver City, California (Los Angeles area) at the Raksa Wellness Center.

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Michael Jackson & the Astrology of Sudden Death

June 28, 2009 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: current events

After Michael Jackson’s death, some people immediately and understandably asked me about the astrology aspect. Some people asked about MJ specifically, others about the weirdness of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson dying on the same day (soon after Ed McMahon). Of course, I thought about the astrology too.

But truth to tell I was too bummed by Jackson’s death to have much heart for the astrology of it. I wasn’t much of Michael Jackson fan, other than the fact that Billie Jean is one of my favorite songs of all time. And, like almost everyone else, I liked many of the songs from his heyday and would defend them when they weren’t cool in my circle. I also liked his quote about studying Fred Astaire and saying that one thing he learned from Astaire was that all the great dancers were angry dancers.

Michael Jackson was one of the best angry dancers of all time in my opinion.

But I also felt bad for him and disturbed by him as his times in the spotlight got progressively weirder. The past several years seemed to be just one battle after another for him. I sure did wish he hadn’t all those plastic surgeries. I cringed at pictures of him as a youngster in the Jackson Five, thinking about how unhappy he was during those times, and how drastically he altered any physical trace of that young person from his being.

I remember that he used to eat at a Sufi restaurant on Third Street that I liked and that he was about a block away from me when the infamous Pepsi commercial accident happened. One of my acquaintances was involved in the television movie about his early life.

But these things don’t amount to being a rabid fan–they’re just instances of being touched by his presence as a towering show business talent like so many people were. But you don’t have to be a rabid fan, it turns out, to be shocked and bummed out by the death of an icon.  It almost seemed disrespectful to go running for astro charts, as though they can make the death any more comprehensible or less sad.

So I’ll be a little more general. I’ve not made much of a study of sudden death in astrological charts. Death of any sort is not my astrological specialty; that’s for sure. But still, one encounters death in astrology as one does anywhere else. My limited experience with sudden death points to the following factors in most cases I’ve run across.

8th house involvement. Uranus involvement or sometimes Mars instead. A higher than expected number of occurrences during eclipse seasons. In birth charts, there will often be markers like Uranus in the 8th house or 12th houses, Mars in the 4th or 12th houses, or some sort of repeating theme in the chart that indicates violence, accidents, or something similar.

Another thing I’ve noticed is not exactly astrological. It’s that the person seems to have almost ‘used up’ their life energy as shown in the astrological chart. They’ve accomplished so much of what the chart seemed to indicate by the time of death, that it’s almost as if they’d done it all, done what they came for. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the death often shows up very strongly in the charts of people around them, sometimes more strongly than in the person’s own chart.

But none of this is predictive. I’ve seen plenty of people with the same factors, and they live very long lives. I’ve seen people get through the most dangerous astrological times of their lives and come out on the other side into astrological sunshine.

At any rate, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of a reliable birth time for Michael Jackson, so  I don’t really have a trusthworthy chart to analyze anyway. I suspect he had Uranus in the 8th or 12th house, by transit and natally. I suspect that the triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron hit one of the angles in his birth chart, given the circumstances of his death, and that Uranus being at the 26 degree mark as well placed his chart under additional stress.

But I could easily be wrong. And in the end, it may not really matter nearly as much as the wishes of people all around the world that he’s now in peace and that his contributions to our lives be remembered and celebrated.