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Monthly Horoscopes Eclipsed

October 19, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES

Astrologers experience the effects of eclipses, too. This month’s full moon eclipse on Friday the 18th (in Aries) fell in my solar 3rd house of writing, blogging, communications, and similar activities. A lunar eclipse means that something is coming to an end, needs to be cleared out to make room for something new to enter your life (often through a solar eclipse). The ending is often a surprise or inadvertent but reflects things that have been going on behind the scenes for some time.

And so it is with me. Unintentionally and not very happily for me, the monthly horoscopes have been squeezed out of my life. They’ve been squeezed out to make room for the series of solar eclipses in Scorpio in my solar 10th house of career, which have brought many new activities and demands on my time into my life. The next solar eclipse in Scorpio is on November 3 and I can feel the next set of activities and demands already knocking on my door.

So no more monthly horoscopes on this blog. I’ve been doing them for a long time, so it’s an end to an era. Thanks to all my readers and all the lovely people who have contacted me over the years.

As a farewell present, here’s a cheat sheet that gives a rough idea of what you can expect to let go and add during the eclipse season this fall. Remember that although eclipses can often bring what seems like bad news, their purpose is to open up space so that you have more room to grow in the directions you desire.

Aries: Letting go of something that had been personally important to you or that had been energizing idea. Embracing an ending that ends one chapter in your life and opens another.

Taurus: Letting go of a feeling, a worry, an anxiety or perhaps even a spiritual belief that had been holding you back. Adding a relationship.

Gemini: Letting go of a friend or a goal. Adding something new to your work, your work environment or your daily activities; sometimes adding a new healthy practice.

Cancer: Letting go of something in your career. Adding fun, recreation, or sometimes a child to your life.

Leo: Letting go of an aspiration, an adventure, an educational venture, or a long-distance trip. Adding something that contributes to your sense of security, including something related to your home. Sometimes indicates moving or a change in your residential situation.

Virgo: Letting go of a tangible item (sometimes indicates a theft or an insurance loss) or of an idea or belief. Adding a communication activity, such as something writing or reading-related.

Libra: Letting go of a partnership or relationship matter or sometimes an adversary. Adding a financial plan or a money-related matter.

Scorpio: Letting go of something in your work environment or of something related to health or shedding a task or obligation. Adding something of personal value, an activity or idea that energizes you, trying something new.

Sagittarius: Letting go of something related to your children or a recreational activity or ending a dating relationship. Adding a spiritual activity or learning something that had been kept secret from you, something that changes your perspective.

Capricorn: Letting go of something related to your home, family, or sense of security. Adding a friend, goal, project or high-level skill.

Aquarius: Letting go of a communication activity (writing, reading, speaking) or a learning activity. Adding a career activity, sometimes indicates getting a promotion, new job or switching career fields.

Pisces: Letting go of something financial, such as a possession, or source of income. Sometimes indicates letting go of a habit or routine. Adding an educational matter, a trip, an adventure, or sometimes gaining a new belief or principle.

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