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Free Pisces Horoscope for September 2013

August 25, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, pisces monthly horoscope

Venus starts the month in Libra, where it is very strong, because it rules that sign. Libra is a sign of romance, beauty and diplomacy, diplomats, and of tact and sensitivity in dealing with others. One of the natural gifts of the sign of Pisces is its ability to use this Libra tactfulness when it is bringing some sort of a relationship to an end. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end a relationship this month, but if you do need to tactfully close the door on someone, you’ve got planetary help this month.

On the 11th, Venus moves into Scorpio. Scorpio represents your intellectual 9th house. Here Venus wouldn’t mind lazily curling up with a good book, preferably one that focuses on the kind of morbid subject matter Scorpio finds fascinating – death, mayhem, mobsters, disease – Scorpio’s taste tends to the extreme, the tragic, the criminal, and the paranoid. Venus in Scorpio loves the kind of good vicarious thrill that a murder mystery brings, and September is the month to give it to her.

Mars this month is in the sign of Leo, where it is getting along quite well with Uranus in Aries (Mars rules the sign of Aries). Of course, getting along quite well can be a mixed blessing as it can mean that anger and impulsivity work together to have you smash a normally prized possession (Aries is your sign of finances and possessions). Or the two could get together and urge you to go on a spending spree. Or overreach on some matter and exercise bad judgment.

The greatest danger is extreme anger, especially at work (Mars will be traveling through your work sector). The upside would be some sort of significant accomplishment at work or financially, some sort of personal first. Or having the courage to go on an exciting adventure.

Speaking of adventure, adventure and travel planet Jupiter (your sign’s co-ruler) has moved past his close opposition to Pluto. But there is still a clash in your chart between the desire to have fun and go places and the need to work on Big, Serious Stuff. Big Serious Stuff is not really what your chart likes to work on. That may seem odd since Pisces is considered a spiritual, even gloomy, sign at times.

But the sign of Pisces believes that work and career should be some sort of entertaining adventure and not at all serious. It likes stimulation and novelty and new stuff and it kinda feels like Pluto in Capricorn is blocking that vibe. That makes the Mars in Leo angle with Uranus in Aries all the more important in September. It represents your chart’s dash for excitement and freedom. And it also represents your chart’s frustration with whatever has been blocking those things in your life. Understand that you need to blow off some steam.

Grab September’s bits of freedom and excitement with both hands and pile on the enjoyment while you’ve got the chance.

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