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Free Aries Horoscope for April 2013

March 24, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, aries monthly horoscope

Happy Birthday, Aries! The sun is in your sign this month, of course, at least until the 19th, when it moves into Taurus. Typically, what that’s supposed to mean is the attention is focused on you and your sign-mates for the time being and that everyone wants to give you stuff for your birthday or at least lend an ear to what you’re saying. The peak of your astrological powers this month occurs on the 10th at your annual new moon. This is when you’re allowed to make your birthday wish for the year and set your sights high.

This month is also eclipse month, marked by a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th. Scorpio is a feeling sign, the moon is a feeling planet in astrology and this is therefore a very feeling-oriented eclipse. For you, the feeling aspect may be very physical and literal, for the eclipse falls in your solar sector of sex and sensuousness. The eclipse encourages encountering emotions oriented around your sense of touch, your ability to perceive through physical contact. Scorpio also represents power in your chart as well as merging with others and receiving assistance from them.

You could feel great at this eclipse or not so great, depending on your own circumstances and personal chart. For example, you could realize that you have deep feelings for someone that you thought you were dating casually. That could feel wonderful. Or, things could swing the opposite way. You could realize that instead of feeling powerful in some area, you actually feel an uncharacteristic sense of powerlessness that you need to address. You could seek and get assistance from other people (perhaps regarding a financial matter, as in getting a loan) or you could see some sort of assistance end (such as the end of your alimony checks).

There are a lot of possibilities, and the effects could occur most noticeably at any time in the 5 weeks or so that surround the actual eclipse date. Keep the above themes in mind and see what develops as the month progresses.

Now for a quick look at your year ahead. There’s an odd mix of outer planets affecting your chart. You have the planet of feeling helpless (Neptune) in the sector of feeling helpess (the 12th house). This doesn’t affect your sun directly, but a lot of Aries folks have Mercury or Venus in Pisces and at some point they will be introduced to a hidden sense of helplessness that their Aries suns like to keep hidden. This is in marked contrast to Uranus in Aries, which brings out your inner adventurer.

There are all kinds of possibilities with this combination. A fairly literal example would be choosing to travel to exotic or unfamiliar locations and getting lost and having to rely on others for assistance. It’s as though your chart wants to explore places it has never been (physically, emotionally, psychically, etc.) but it wants to know it can come back home again to its regular tough-guy persona. It wants to take risks, but with backup. It wants to open up and be exposed to new things but not change your identity.

The year ahead will also introduce a series of eclipses in your own sign (and the opposite one Libra), starting in mid-October 2013. Eclipses in your own sign can relate to almost anything in your life, but a broad general way of looking at it would be to say that they show your chart is on the hunt for something new to incorporate into your life and something old to get rid of. Other eclipses should assist you financially this upcoming year. Finally, your sign will continue to face pressure in your career sector from Pluto in Capricorn. You may be used to this vibe by now; if so, strap on the ordinary seatbelts and hang on as usual when things get bumpy.

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