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Free Pisces Horoscope for March 2013

February 26, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, pisces monthly horoscope

March is your month, Pisces. The sun, the new moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Neptune all put energy into your sign this month. Since yours is a giving sign, inclined toward compassionate service, you may enjoy nurturing or assisting others to express the nature of your sign. Engaging in charitable work or donating to help those less fortunate might heal your soul. The beginning of the month is especially good for humanitarian causes or doing things that benefit many.

Or you might want to throw a party around the time of the new moon (the 11th) to celebrate your generous nature. Dancing is definitely encouraged. You might want to be near the water to indulge the water-loving preferences of your sign. You have planetary permission to do all or any of these things if you’d like. It all depends on your circumstances and what you like; suit yourself and do as you please.

With Mars and Neptune in your sign until the 12th, you also have a lot of planetary power or force behind anything you do. If you need to go to battle or assert yourself, you can do that too. If you need to express yourself verbally, Mercury going direct on the 17th could help with that.

Pluto in your solar house of friendship also spends the first half of the month in good angle to Saturn in your solar house of travel. You might get a lot of pleasure from traveling with friends. Saturn enjoys a good challenge, so some kind of travel that stretches you somehow might bring satisfaction. Using travel as a way to meet all kinds of new people would be good.

If travel is just not a practical option, you can use Saturn in Scorpio’s educational bent to do some armchair adventuring via book. Or join a book club and tackle some challenging texts.

Once the sun moves into Aries on the 20th, spring begins and other alternatives develop. Aries energy in the Pisces solar chart is more about possessions and physical objects. You may wish to concentrate on those as the month winds down.

Now for your year ahead. Your sign continues to be under the highly romantic influence of Neptune throughout the year (and for a long time to come). Saturn in Scorpio in your solar 9th house of travel works well with Neptune. Romantic travel is a good possibility. This could be travel with a romantic partner, travel to romantic or exotic destinations or travel to explore the romance of history (which Saturn adores). Saturn also loves mountainous regions and out of the way places where few tourists venture.

Jupiter will move in late June from Gemini to Cancer. Jupiter in Gemini in your solar chart enjoys playing the host and opening up your home to others. Jupiter in Cancer is more about your love life or your children. Jupiter in Cancer will want to nurture young people, and if you have children of your own it will be especially attentive to them. This impulse clashes a bit with Uranus in Aries, which wants to play havoc with your finances and make cash flow unpredictable.

It’s not that Uranus in Aries doesn’t want to help your children. Aries is a very generous sign, eager to lend assistance and even take over other people’s lives if it thinks it knows a better way for them to live. It’s just that Aries’ bossy nature conflicts with Jupiter’s need to let your children (or others you are involved with) develop independence and freedom. Your advice may fall on deaf ears or your attempts to assist financially may be spurned or wasted. Use judgment and discretion to mitigate this planetary conflict.

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