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Free Virgo Horoscope for February 2013

January 31, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, virgo monthly horoscope

Every year in February, planets gather in Pisces and say alarming things to you, like “You shouldn’t work so hard.” Pisces is the sign opposite yours, so if your instincts tell you to be disciplined, healthy, organized, busy and worrying–well, then planets in Pisces will tell you the opposite. This year, Mercury settles into Pisces on the 5th of February and won’t leave (due to retrograde) until April 13.

Mercury will have many many opportunities to tell you that you shouldn’t work so hard and perhaps, just perhaps, he’s right. This year Mercury is the least of your worries, though, because he’ll be joined not just by the sun (that always happens), Venus (same deal), but by Mars and Neptune too.

That’s a whole lot of Pisces in the sky. If you insist on getting work done, you’ll need to rely on the sun and Venus in Aquarius until the 26th. Planets in Aquarius are good for dealing with particulars and objective facts. Your sign likes that, so you may be able to stave off the siren call of slacking off for most of the month. But it will be mighty hard to be your usual driven self.

Pisces planets will be gazing starry-eyed at the potentials and the possibilities, and not the kind of potentials and possibilities your sign usually looks at. Your sun sign likes to eagerly spot potential problems before they arise. Pisces likes to look at all the potential reasons for cracking open a nice bottle of spirits and indulging in them with a wonderfully romantic partner. Yup, overworking is so last month.

February is the month for intuition, falling off the wagon and sneaking that cigarette you said you gave up at New Year’s, for romance, chocolate, champagne, and Valentine’s Day. It’s the month to let ‘je t’aime’ beat the pants off of staying late at the office. If you’re not traveling to Paris on business, then leave the office at the office and let romance bloom during your off hours.

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