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Free Aquarius Horoscope for February 2013

January 31, 2013 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, aquarius monthly horoscope

Happy Birthday Aquarius! February starts with two opposite impulses. One is the impulse toward contentment, toward being satisfied with things just as they are. The contentment vibe comes from Venus in your own sign until the 26th. Mercury, the sun, and Neptune in Pisces also mellow out in your solar second house of contentment and satisfaction this month.

Mars in Pisces is the spoiler, though. Mars is constitutionally opposed to contentment and he tries to disarrange those mellow planets all month long. If you prefer contentment to discontent, maybe you can write off his influence as the passing grumpies when something gets on your nerves. Certainly, most of the other planets in your chart would prefer to write him off. For example, Jupiter is bouncing along really happily this month in your solar house of pleasure and fun.

Jupiter in Gemini’s idea of pleasure and fun often involves communicating. One of the things that’s putting him in such a good mood this month is that he’s making a nice angle to your sign’s ruler Uranus in your solar 3rd house of….communication! These two planets would love to have a grand old time swapping opinions on matters trivial and profound. If you can spend a lot of time talking or writing in February, you will probably enjoy the month greatly.

I will admit that looming Saturn is also strong this month, stationing on the 18th before going retrograde. Saturn is an official planetary sponsor of words like ‘no’ and ‘not.’ He’s in your career sector and he will probably want to get someone to say ‘no’ to all the bright ideas Jupiter and Uranus come up with this month. Oh well, nothing says you can’t enjoy coming up with them anyway. As long as you know you’re probably not going to be able to force through changes this month, you can take pleasure in the mental exercises of imagination, brainstorming, and gossiping.

Now for your solar year ahead. Unless you have difficult transits specific to your personal chart, you’ll probably be pleased overall. Pleasure, enjoyment, income, thinking, talking, interacting, and people in your immediate environment will continue to be important themes. Those are the themes highlighted by the outer planets Neptune and Uranus. Pluto will continue to be in the background of your chart, burrowing into the hidden byways of all that psychological stuff you are carting around in your head, trying to figure it all out. Chiron will continue to try to heal your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Eclipses, Saturn, and Jupiter moving into the sign of Cancer in June will spotlight job and career, while Neptune and Chiron will tie all that to income. Look for potential changes in April or May. These months may see some sort of a setback that will force you to do a lot of thinking about what would make you happy in these areas.

In early November, a solar eclipse in your career sign of Scorpio has the potential to make you quite pleased if you’ve done the preparation and planning to make a significant move. You can also turn your attention to home, roots, and memories this year with the help of a solar eclipse in Taurus in May.

Travel vibes are iffy and mixed. October 2013 sees a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries, one of your travel signs. It refers to short-distance travel, though, so you may not be going far. There may be some travel for pleasure or work during the year, but it doesn’t look to be a prominent theme. It’s more likely that the most prominent theme of the year will be all the time you spend talking, exchanging thoughts, and learning. Your sign likes that, so you should have fun.

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