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Free Virgo Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, virgo monthly horoscope

Happy New Year, Virgo. Every year, soon after the new year starts, the Virgo solar chart perks up. It perks up because planets travel through Aquarius, which represents the Virgo sixth house of health, work, service, and volunteering. Why does this perk up the Virgo chart? Because the sign of Virgo lives for work, service, volunteering, and the pursuit of health.

This year, the drive for all this stuff that Virgo loves is even mightier than normal. That’s because Mars opens the year in Aquarius. Mars gives the influences greater oomph. Mars may exacerbate the Virgo tendency toward perfectionism though. Remember to concentrate on the big picture and on what’s essential to counteract the 6th house tendency to focus on the weeds and not the flowers. Jupiter stationing in your career sector on the 30th will try to help you see the big picture and the flowers. You may see a positive turnaround in your career as the month draws to a close.

Back to Mars. Mars is also the planet of anger, which can paradoxically be helpful if you are facing health issues. Mars can be helpful in spurring action, and it can also rev up your system to fight disease and/or the winter blues. Mars and his buddy Uranus in Aries are also the sponsoring January’s public service announcement that sexual activity can be a healthy antidote to mid-winter depression.

Speaking of which, suppose you’re an atypical Virgo and all that work, service and health stuff bores you. Well, then you can devote yourself in January to the search for love. Capricorn is your love sign and there’s plenty of Capricorn action this month as well. The most favorable influence of the month in the love department is Venus in Capricorn from the 10th of the month through the end.

Speaking of love in the longer-lasting sense of marriage and committed relationships, Neptune is on the move again. He had been stuck at zero degrees Pisces for so long that you might have forgotten that he’s in the sign opposite yours. Prepare to remember, because this is an important transit for your sign.

Neptune wants to woo and be wooed. He wants to hear and speak the most romantic phrases. He wants a storybook romance, a magic affinity in which two partners complete each other’s sentences wordlessly, bound together by intuitive understanding and soul connection. In other words, Neptune is over the top.

Nevertheless, this kind of magic is possible in the real world, unlikely as it seems. I’m not saying you’ll achieve anything like this in January. I’m just saying that the search for it has resumed.

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