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Free Scorpio Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, scorpio monthly horoscope

Happy New Year Scorpio. January is annual book month for Scorpio. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter–cold and gloomy out–with the holidays now past. It’s time to curl up with some pleasurable reading material and let the weather do its thing. This coincides nicely with January also being Scorpio’s annual choose-to-stay-at-home month.

These are annual influences but they’re a bit stronger than normal this year. Mars is in your home-loving sign of Aquarius all month. And Jupiter is in the book and learning loving sign of Gemini all month, stationing on the 30th. In your solar chart, learning and education and books and all those things are right up your alley as long as you are the one in control, choosing what you will learn and at your own pace. Indeed, it would be appropriate for you to invest a little money in education as the month draws to a close.

Of course I also need to address the influence of Saturn in your sign, still relatively new and still a major factor in your chart. I’ll address this often over the next couple of years, tackling various elements of what it can signify. This month, it’s appropriate to address the effect of Saturn on how your mind works. Saturn in your sign represents a mix of Saturn’s rationality with your own sign’s intuitive nature. Logic and conscious choice and control will vie with the subconscious mental swirlings the sign of Scorpio is naturally comfortable with.

Saturn also represents business, career, work. Your sign represents close relations with other people. So some of you will find yourself more than usually drawn to business transactions or to thinking and behaving in a business-like manner around others. You may experience this business-like approach in both your personal life and in your interactions on the job. You are being nudged to intensify your ability to mix reason and relationships.

For others, it will be about new responsibilities. For example, now that Neptune is in your solar 5th house of children, some of you will be longing for a baby (or a grandchild!). Saturn in your sign would indicate a willingness to accept the responsibilities that go with a child.

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