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Free Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, sagittarius monthly horoscope

Happy New Year Sagittarius. January is a sociable month for Sagittarius. Every year in January, Aquarius influence marches into the skies and lights up your solar sector of short trips, neighbors, socializing, language, learning, mental stimulation, and being with people. Normally this starts about two-thirds of the way through the month, but this year is a bit different. Mars entered Aquarius on Christmas Day and stays in Aquarius all through January.

The stars want you to get out of the house and go places with other people. A stimulating lecture. A winter jaunt to someplace sunny. A weekend ski trip. And so on.

Your chart needs other people right now like flowers need water. In fact, your ruler Jupiter is in your solar house of other people and close partnerships (including your marriage partner), and he’s strong almost all month. He’s getting ready for a change in direction in your closest relationship (presumably a positive change in direction) on January 30 and he needs some quality togetherness time to work his magic.

You may have some subconscious doubts about all this and crave some alone time. Okay, fine–indulge in a little bit of both. Some ‘me’ time and some ‘we’ time.

The other emphasis of the month is on your stuff and your things. The sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto will transit your sector of material goods and tangible items. Sometimes this means you will be buying specific useful things you feel you need. Sometimes you will be investing in things that are part useful and part fun, like a new little black dress. That’s because the second house, the sector of tangible items and goods, is also a sector of beauty and of appreciation for the esthetic side of life.

There’s a hint of creativity and a dollop of pleasure involved in the mix of the month’s influences. How you whip everything together to achieve maximum wonderfulness will be up to you.

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