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Free Libra Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, libra monthly horoscope

Happy New Year, Libra. January is the time of year when your solar chart gets interested in the private parts of your psyche, your inner life. For the past several years, you have had Pluto at the bottom of your solar chart, the part of your chart that represents what’s far below the surface. Pluto naturally has an affinity with what’s below the surface and is always curious about what’s hidden, what’s subconscious. At his most intense, he sometimes manifests as psychic powers.

In January, Mercury, Venus and the sun visit Pluto to see what’s going on down there at the bottom of your chart. It might be productive to look for clues, for insights, to pay attention to your dreams, to listen to your gut. A trip below the surface can be refreshing and even cleansing.

That’s one half of the month’s vibes. The other half is not at all like that. The other half of the month’s vibes are only interested in what’s visible and easily seen as represented by Mars and Jupiter in outgoing Aquarius and Gemini.

Then there’s the overlap between the two, which takes place almost all month. An example would be Saturn in Scorpio in your second house of tangible items. Saturn is interested in what’s visible and material, not all the gauzy psychic stuff. But in Scorpio it’s also interested in what’s obscured or mysterious.

What you get is the kind of January where it’s time to clean out your garage, your storage closets, your junk drawers and that cluttered back office. You’ll root through the things you’ve acquired, ask yourself ‘what the heck is this thing anyway?’ and throw out a bunch of stuff you don’t need anymore.

In the process, you’ll also travel down memory lane, stir up your psyche with memories and ghosts of projects past. And you’ll clear out some of the psychic residue as well freeing up space in your house. That’ll make almost all of your planets happy.

Last but not least, you also have planetary permission to invest some quality time and attention in your relationships. Strangely or not, you also have a combination of relationship and physical activity or exercise symbols in your solar chart. Maybe it’s time to hit the gym with your favorite person of your favorite sex.

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