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Free Leo Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, leo monthly horoscope

Happy New Year, Leo. January may see you thinking about taking some sort of a trip with a loved one, spouse, friend or group, because Mercury, Mars, and the sun will be resonating with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is in your sector of long-distance and foreign travel. The sun, Mercury, and Mars will be in Aquarius, the sign of friendships and groups, which is also your 7th house of loved ones and partnerships. As is so happens, both Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries are planets associated with sexual activity, so a wild romantic foreign fling suits them just fine. Mars is in Aquarius all month long, while Mercury enters Aquarius on the 18th and the sun on the 19th. Romantic Venus is in the travel sign of Sagittarius in your love life sector until the 10th.

Alternatively, this combination of planets could be educationally oriented (travel and education have the same symbols in astrology). The education could be in the form of formal classes, whether you’re taking them or giving them. There could also be a more general emphasis on learning and speaking and thinking and writing. Sometimes this kind of configuration means you’ll be doing public speaking. I will note that Mars is also the planet of anger and of action, and he likes a challenge. This is a good month to compete in an educational or intellectual arena, because Mars likes to win!

To make the travel/education/groups/friendships resonance even stronger, travel planet Jupiter will station on January 30 in your solar sector of friendships and associations. You may travel to attend a conference or trade show or convention or the like. Additional possibilities could be learning about philosophy, learning or literature and engaging in activities that involve the expression of opinion, such as blogging or appearing on television or radio programs. If you do participate in these kinds of activities, be prepared for the occasional blip or snafu, as inner planets traveling through the sign of Capricorn in January periodically square Uranus, triggering surprises or disruptions.

This is the also the time of year when the Leo solar chart ponders your job or your health or both. This January your chart is thinking mostly happy thoughts because Venus is in Capricorn (your job and health sign) from the 10th on, and Venus is generally a pretty happy planet. More generally, Venus in your solar 6th house favors your natural physical and mental abilities.

In a more subtle development, Neptune is finally moving past zero degrees Pisces after a rather long nap. Neptune is in your solar 8th house of depth, the place where your chart goes to dig deep into the well of emotion and creativity that can fuel you. Neptune likes to think in metaphors, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting to think a bit more symbolically and express yourself a bit more poetically. Neptune in Pisces is also super-watery. Sometimes this isn’t metaphorical but literal.

For example, when you’re feeling the Neptune vibe, you may literally take a sea voyage. Or since this is the dead of winter in North America, you may feel like going ice-fishing, ice skating, or participating in other sports that are water-based.

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