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Free Capricorn Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, capricorn monthly horoscope

Happy New Year, Capricorn and happy birthday too. We’ll start by focusing on Jupiter in Gemini in your sector of the job, daily tasks, and health. It’s powerful this month, as it prepares to station and move direct on January 30. This has several implications for you. One, it’s a good month for you to do your own thinking about your short-term and long-term job outlook and goals (Gemini represents short-term thinking, Jupiter long-term thinking).

Once you’ve decided what you want and where you need to be headed, take action and then have faith. Jupiter rewards faith. One of the things Capricorn is supposed to be learning these days, with some help from Neptune and Jupiter, is how to think the happiest thoughts, most positive thoughts, the situation will allow for.

Next, get as much done as you can; make an effort to perform. Jupiter rewards faith but it also piles on the tasks and opportunities to see how much you really want and what your capabilities really are. You need to show Jupiter you are up to handling what it is you want from the future.

Finally, concentrate on closing the deal. For some, this won’t apply, but if you’re in a business-related occupation, close the deals. Tee things up and aim to close things out in January and February to the extent possible. (February is even stronger than January for you, by the way.) The reward for all this activity is likely to be something most rational people want: money.

Next, we should probably talk about your ruler Saturn, since what Saturn does often seems personally addressed to you. Saturn is also powerful toward the end of this month and even more powerful next month. Saturn’s in your sector of very long-range goals, sometimes called hopes and wishes. Are you sensing a pattern here? Yes, it’s a super-strong goal month for Capricorn and a strong start to 2013.

Finally, your birthday month is traditionally a good month to do something for your appearance, your clothing, hairstyle, etc. Venus in your own sign during the last two-thirds of the month would be happy to help you spend a little money on the way you look.

Now let’s take a look at the year ahead for your sign. Pluto continues to travel through Capricorn, with the intention of taking you folks to places you never thought you’d go. Birth dates most affected in 2013 are those at the very end of December and first couple of days of January. I will tell you frankly that sometimes the places Pluto takes you are places you didn’t particularly want to visit and maybe never even heard of (I’m speaking metaphorically here, not literally). It can make you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it can also teach you an independence you never thought you’d achieve.

Issues like the past, the passing of time, the future and getting ready for the future will be on Capricorn’s mind in 2013. That’s partly because these sorts of things are always trying to wedge their onto the Capricorn mental agenda. But it’s also because the combination of Pluto in your sign and your ruler in Scorpio (a phenomenon known as mutual reception due to the way these two placements resonate) intensifies some of Capricorn’s natural tendencies.

Trust will be another concept your chart will want to ponder in 2013. Neptune in your sign of thinking is working with both Pluto and Saturn in 2013 in trying to help you figure out the correct balance between paranoid suspicion on the one hand and delusional belief in everything you hear on the other hand.

The answer to the riddle lies in Capricorn’s natural affinity for integrity. If you can keep your own integrity firm and unwavering, then figuring out who and what are worthy of your trust becomes much less difficult. Another way to put it would be: as you sow, so shall you reap. People around you will be trustworthy to the extent that you are. In fact, that sowing and reaping connection might be an apt way to sum up the coming year for Capricorn.

On a more concrete level, 2013 will bring some Capricorns welcome surprises in two key areas: romance and children. Some will be falling in love; others will be welcoming a baby. Those already in love relationships may experience some turnover, moving from one romantic interest to another. You can thank eclipses for developments like that.

Friendship and support from others will also be on the agenda as far as eclipses go. In the worst case scenario, some Capricorns will have the distinct feeling that they don’t have any friendship or support at crucial times.

This all relates back to the Plutonian agenda of granting you an unlikely form of independence even when the odds would seemingly be against you. The time to watch in 2013 occurs in April and May when eclipses are occurring and Pluto is stationing in your sign. Remember to sow what you would like to reap.

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