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Free Cancer Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, cancer monthly horoscope

Happy new year, Cancer. January is the time of year when planets gather in your solar 7th house, represented by the sign of Capricorn. Planets in Capricorn oppose your natal sun. In a way, you could say they even things out. Whatever your natural desires and interests are, they are balanced out by planets representing the desires and interests of other people.

As planets move out of Capricorn, they move into Aquarius, the other sign where planets gather at this time of year. The sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th. In your solar chart, both Capricorn and Aquarius emphasize the people in your life that you are close to. Capricorn has more to do with significant others and business partners. Aquarius has more to do with close friends.

The Capricorn energy attempts to bring people together, to unify. This year, the Aquarius energy seems to have more to do with change or movement; perhaps the course of a friendship changes direction. Perhaps some close friends leave your circle and new ones enter. The Aquarius energy this year can also indicate some sort of a conflict or fight with a close friend. That’s because Mars, a planet of anger, action and competition, spends the whole month in Aquarius.

Mars also represents sexual activity and he will be in your solar sector of…sexual activity. Sometimes conflict actually signals sexual attraction. Make of that what you will.

What Mars will mean to you of course depends on your own particular circumstances. I will say that grumpy Saturn will be at odds with irritable Mars around the 7th of January. It won’t necessarily happen, but it would be prudent to brace yourself for a vigorous round of ‘no’s’ in response to whatever questions are being asked around that time. The two planets are just feeling negative then.

If you feel attacked by those close to you, understand that the mood will pass and it may have to do more with winter grumpies and blowing off Mars-related steam than a serious underlying issue. The month’s full moon is in Leo on the 26th and represents the time when everyone’s subconscious moody weirdnesses reach their peak and then begin to dissipate.

On the other hand, Saturn is in a very good mood with Pluto for the first week of January, which bodes well for one particular relationship in your life, most likely a romantic one. On a more general note, Saturn in the sign of Scorpio over the next couple of years may prove to be very important for some of you Cancer folks. Scorpio is your sign of children, and Saturn in this sector indicates a willingness to shoulder more responsibility. Translation: some of you will be ready to have a baby!

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  1. Disappointing says:

    Very poorly written and hard to follow. Who the heck wrote this? Were they having a stroke?

  2. Petya Terzieva says:

    I like the way it’s written very much!


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