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Free Aquarius Horoscope for January 2013

December 28, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, aquarius monthly horoscope

Happy new year’s, Aquarius. Holey moley, there’s a lot of personal energy in your chart this month via the sun, Mercury, and Mars in your sign. At various points during the month, this personal energy will briefly clash with Saturn in Scorpio, which unaccountably wants you to focus on your responsibilities to others instead of on yourself.

The majority of the planets in your solar chart are in a better mood than grumpy Saturn, though, and are feeling generally quite pleased and happy to welcome the new year. Happy Jupiter is especially strong this month, as he gets ready to station on the 30th.

Jupiter is in your solar 5th house of pleasure, children, and your love life. For some of you, that means you are delighted with your children, young or old. There have been pregnancy indicators in the Aquarian chart off and on for a couple of years, so some of you have very young ones or are expecting them. For others, pleasure more simply means things like buying yourself a new dress or splurging on something. Neptune in your solar second house would approve of the purchase of anything pretty.

Jupiter and your ruler Uranus are also in harmony as the year begins. Uranus in Aries finds pleasure in physical and mental activity. Sports like tennis or recreational activities like dancing that require learning and coordination tend to appeal to this combination. Mars in your own sign also enjoys this kind of activity and would have fun engaging in sports with others.

Meanwhile, planets in Capricorn (the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto) are busy thinking about the year ahead since that’s what they naturally like to do at this time of year. Your solar chart in particular likes to withdraw a bit and take some private time to get organized and do some planning as a new year begins. This annual need to withdraw means that you may not feel as outgoing and confident on January 1 as you will as the month progresses.

By the time the sun enters your sign on the 19th, your chart is cooking on multiple burners. If you have your eye on someone of your favorite sex, the last week of the month offers good timing to step right up and offer to buy that someone a drink or otherwise introduce yourself. The full moon in your opposite sign of Leo on the evening of the 26th could bring romantic matters to a head.

Jupiter stations in your love life house right after that, and Jupiter in this position loves to hear and share romantic phrases and words. I won’t promise you’ll be exchanging sweet nothings in French (or in France!), but you know, it’s not out of the question either.

A final word: whatever it is you want to do this month, take action on it!

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