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Your Second Saturn Return in Scorpio: Part 1–The Role of Saturn

December 08, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: Special Topics, transits

If you were born between late October 1953 early October 1956, your second Saturn return has most likely started. There are some exceptions for people born between January and May 1956, but for the rest of you born within this time range, your second Saturn return has begun. What does this mean?

First, it means that the planet Saturn was in the sign of Scorpio when you were born. Second, it means that the planet Saturn has returned to the sign of Scorpio right now. Third, it means that this is the second time that Saturn has returned to this sign since you were born (hence, second Saturn return). That’s the technical stuff.

Now for what it means for your life. Let’s start by looking at some of the things that the planet Saturn means in your life in general.

Saturn has a number of very important jobs. The one we’ll look at in this series relates to his magic danger assessing abilities. Okay, they’re not actually magic abilities, paranoid danger-assessing abilities might be a better phrase.

One of Saturn’s jobs is to urge you to be careful. He looks ahead to the future with apprehension, identifies potential elements that might be dangerous or harmful, and tries to scare the heck out of you so that you will avoid those potentially dangerous or harmful things.

When Saturn returns to the sign he was in when you were born, one of the things he does is think about your future and what sort of things you ought to be prudent about now so that you can avoid danger and harm. In other words, he updates his fear list.

When you have your first Saturn return at around age 30 or so, Saturn realizes (and so do you) that you have survived your youth, which means that you’re probably not going to be dying any time soon.

You’d think this would be good news and in a way it is, but if short-term survival of the dangers of childhood and youth is no longer at the top of Saturn’s worry list, then something else has to be. The worries and fears of adulthood kick in, and most people start acutely feeling them as they hit age 29 or so.

Now that Saturn no longer worries about you being beaten up by the school bully or anyone else bigger than you, he starts worrying about things like having an adult future in which you don’t accomplish anything. He worries about your life having meaning, your career, whether or not you ought to have children, and then once you have them, he worries about them. He worries about pollution and global warming and world issues and participating in society as an adult.

When you hit your second Saturn return, Saturn realizes that you have survived, gracefully or not, the major worries on his adult worry list. He needs to update his worries. And now he realizes that in fact you might die sometime soon. So he starts worrying about death. He starts worrying about the vulnerabilities of old age. About your bones and skin cancer and your bank balance for retirement. He looks at your future and he tries to scare you into having a successful third age, post raising children and establishing a career or an adult role.

Next we’ll look at how having Saturn in the sign of Scorpio affects the second Saturn return.

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