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Free Libra Horoscope for November 2012

October 30, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, libra monthly horoscope

Lucky you. Your ruler Venus spends the first 3 weeks of November in your own sign. This is good for your plans, for your peace of mind, and for raising money. It doesn’t even have to be money for yourself; if you are involved in charity or community work, Venus can still help you bring in the bucks. This influence continues throughout the month, because after Venus leaves your sign, it enters your solar second house of…well, raising money.

Money is also the focus of a solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th and Saturn, the sun, and Mercury in Scorpio this month. You are entering an approximately 2 1/2 year cycle of emphasis on your abilities to handle and manage money and possessions. What portion of the financial world you will be dealing with will depend greatly on your own circumstances.

Some people will find themselves carrying unusually large financial burdens, perhaps supporting a spouse who is going through a period of reduced earning power. Others will be adhering to a plan to pay off debt or to deal with the consequences of past actions that have impacted their finances. If you have a partner, whether romantic or business, this financial cycle will most likely in some way be tied in with that person.

Other areas that could be impacted include investments or other forms of shared financial matters. You should also expect that although November is good for bringing in money, the greater emphasis over the next couple of years is related to paying it out. This isn’t necessarily bad; it could be a good investment in your future. In some sort of cosmic sense, though, the bills are due.

There’s also a lot activity in November in your solar house of communication and short trips. And there’s a lunar eclipse in your solar house of long distance travel. This doesn’t mean that all Librans will be traveling this month but many will be, especially because many people travel around Thanksgiving, at least in the US. Do be careful when traveling either short or long distances, because rather accident prone Mars will transiting through the travel sign of Sagittarius. For that matter, be careful about what you say too–because Mars can be equally accident prone when it comes to putting his foot in his mouth.

While you’re being careful, you might as well be attentive to hazards around the home, as Mars will enter your home sector on the 16th. If you’re not the traveling type, the emphasis could be on education, teaching, or learning. You may wrap up an education-related project around the time of the eclipse on the 28th.

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