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Free Gemini Horoscope for November 2012

October 30, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, gemini monthly horoscope

The first big news of the month comes by way of a solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th. Scorpio represents the house of service and employment in your solar chart. If you’ve been looking for a job and have been about to give up, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Something unexpected could happen this month or next that will re-establish your faith in the universe.

Of course, don’t expect magic; you still need to use your own abilities and energy to get out there and put in the effort to find the right position. Jupiter in your sign also encourages you to toot your own horn and highlight your accomplishments, which is very helpful when job-seeking or job-switching.

There’s also a lunar eclipse in your own sign this month, on the 28th. This type of an eclipse is personal. If you feel it (not everyone will), it will address some personal goal, decision, or situation on your plate. It is possible that it will also relate in some way to the solar eclipse–e.g., as you take on a new job, you may decide to relinquish some activity in your personal life.

This is also the time of year when planets move into the part of your chart that highlights other people. What this means in practice is often that other people will set the agenda, and it will be time for you to be a little more low-key, especially in personal relationships.

You do have the ability to squeeze in a nice little bit of romance this month, thanks to Venus in your love life sign for the first 3 weeks of November. On the other hand, there may be a bit of churning drama in your relationships in November because Mars is in your relationship sector and he gets bored if things go too smoothly.

Your ruler Mercury also goes retrograde this month on Election Day. I don’t know what effect if any this will have on the election, but for you it means that Mercury will travel back to that service and employment part of your chart I was talking about earlier. You’ll be expected to use your mind on the job (not that anyone could stop you from doing that) and/or to retrace steps and go over outstanding items that didn’t get quite fixed last month.

If you have some extra space on your to-do list, you might use the second half of the month to get very detailed and precise about your financials. The types of financials that are highlighted are things like debts, payment plans, expenses, insurance matters, and so on. If you are super-organized, you can take advantage of the time to do a bit of pre-year-end tax planning.

In general, this is intended to be a good financial period for you, thanks to Jupiter in your own sign. Jupiter in one’s sign does sometimes signal a certain willingness to spend money on oneself and one’s appearance or image. In other words, it’s the year to invest in a new winter coat, a good pair of boots or whatever fits the weather where you live.

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