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Free Cancer Horoscope for November 2012

October 30, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, cancer monthly horoscope

November is eclipse month, with a solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 13 and a lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 28th. Neither eclipse takes direct aim at your sign, and both may be relatively weak or unnoticeable. The lunar eclipse may cause you to question someone in your life you had previously trusted or bring a secret to your attention that answers some questions but opens up others. This is most likely to be about someone you know through your job or community activities.

For single Cancers, the solar eclipse on the 13th is more about exploring new possibilities in your love life. Your chart will want you to make whatever changes necessary to get your love life going. For example, if you never get out of the house, you need to start going places and interacting more adventurously with the world. If you feel you are ready to settle down, then you need to make a systematic plan for meeting someone suitable. Laziness in this area will not work for your solar chart anymore; it will want to see you put in some effort.

Mars in your relationship sector from the 16th on adds to this theme. Mars in your relationship sector expects you to carry the load of making the first move in relationships. If you do make the first move, though, you’re more likely than normal to get a response because Mars makes you noticeable, makes you stand out. This does not necessarily apply just to romantic relationships by the way; it can apply to any personal relationship or your social life in general.

Now I’m not saying you can’t spend any time at home. In fact, you have Venus in your home life sector until the 21st. This gives you planetary permission indulge yourself in a little pleasure enjoying your hopefully lovely home.

On a different front, work is likely to be quite busy during the first half of the month and possibly quite sociable too. If you like a lot of activity, you will probably find the first two weeks of November at work fun. If you do not, you may very well find them stressful. Mercury goes retrograde in your job sector on the 6th, an astrological event that may open up a lot of unanswered questions or un-decide decisions that you thought had already been made.

On a final note, Neptune in your sector of long-distance travel and exploration spends the entire month at 0 degrees Pisces, stationing on the 11th. There’s a chance that a dream trip you’ve been yearning for make take a step closer to reality this month. If you’re not dreaming of travel, then Neptune in Pisces can open up your intellectual or spiritual horizons instead.

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