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Free Taurus Horoscope for May 2012

April 23, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, taurus monthly horoscope

Happy Birthday Taurus! May is your traditional month of power and beauty, and it opens with a powerful full moon in Scorpio on the 5th. This is when you can project yourself forcefully. The new moon of the month, in Gemini on the 20th, is equally powerful because it’s a solar eclipse. It falls in your financial house and hopefully represents some sort of a fresh start for you. The idea to think about is coming upon money from an unplanned source. It may not be a huge amount of money, but any money will probably help. Look for it!

Mercury also breezes through your sign this month, from the 9th to the 24th. Mercury puts an emphasis on speaking and on other language-related activities. Not the time to keep your mouth closed. Speaking of which, there’s an awful lot of emphasis on chatty sign Gemini this month. I already mentioned the new moon eclipse. In addition, the sun, Mercury, and Venus will all transit this sign. Gemini, as you may know, is the sign of the twins. It is an externally oriented sign that likes to socialize, but it is also a sign known for its incessant thought. It cannot turn its mind off.

The best manifestation of something like this is finding a sort of twin of your own. Someone who thinks like you do, with whom you can talk endlessly and comfortably without the least bit of hesitation. All the Gemini activity makes it somewhat easier to find someone like this because people of all signs will be being encouraged to speak their minds more freely. You’ll have a better chance of spotting the ones with whom you have a lot of stuff in common. And yes, I did mean a soul-matey type twin of the romantic kind is possible; you do have Mars in your love life house helping you too. Don’t forget about this or the fact that it is your power month–put yourself out there if you want results in this area.

Okay, that’s the good news for this month, what about the longer-term trends for your personal year ahead? Well, we’ve got Jupiter moving out of your sign next month and into the sign of Gemini (yeah, there’s a lot of Gemini action going on in the near future). This is maybe not so good on a personal level, but it could be good on a financial level if you learn to work with Jupiter by paying close attention to how you are supported by the universe (not how your nerves are driven to distraction by the universe, different thing).

Saturn also changes signs about midway through your personal year, in October 2012. Saturn’s shift will try to get you to stop thinking about your job or health (currently legitimate areas of concern) and start thinking more about your primary relationships. Saturn in Libra (the current sign) is very logical and rational; Saturn in Scorpio (the sign he’ll enter in October), not so much. Part of the discipline of Saturn in Scorpio for Taurus folks is learning how to think before they feel (I didn’t say it would be easy) so that emotions don’t overwhelm them.

Uranus in Aries will be duking it out with Pluto in Capricorn over the next 12 months. Uranus is in your solar 12th house, trying to stir up the notion that your life is filled with alternatives. This is an abrupt and upsetting notion because the sign of Taurus, when allowed full reign, likes to set up things so that they are exactly right the way they are, precisely so that alternatives won’t have to be considered. The sign of Taurus considers alternatives exhausting and generally useless.

Your job is going to be to view alternatives from a detached and neutral standpoint, not as a threat to the order that you have established in your life. This will keep you surprisingly busy over the next year because folks in other signs will be dealing with their own versions of threats to their established routines. Your practice being detached and neutral can help them, which will make you feel oddly heroic. Pluto plays into this too, because he’s trying to change your beliefs, give you a big picture that will ultimately make you more powerful.

Fortunately, Neptune will be doing its best to see that you have friends to talk everything out with. Lots of friends. Neptune likes to present things in great quantity and he’s swimming slowly through your friendship house these days, looking for likely prospects to toss up onto your friendship beach.

In fact, the next 12 months are amazingly good for the exchange of thoughts and opinions and the secret kind of relating one feels with people who just ‘get’ you. It’s all about detachment in this area, too. It’s like a Taurus personal ‘mastery of emotions and conquering of objectivity and neutrality’ year.

Finally, in the coming 12 months, eclipses will switch back and forth between the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and the Scorpio/Taurus one. That’s right, eclipses in your own sign are coming up! Not for awhile yet, but a year from now. In the meantime, a solar eclipse in November 2012 will put the spotlight on your relationship with your closest companion, romantic or best friend. Get ready for a new chapter in this area of your life!

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