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Free Pisces Horoscope for May 2012

April 23, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, pisces monthly horoscope

May is rather an arty month for Pisces on two different fronts. Artistic Neptune is slowing down in your sign, getting ready to station next month. That makes him a bit more powerful than usual and potentially increases his interest in the visual arts that he enjoys so much. Venus in Gemini is also prominent this month, especially around the 15th. Venus in Gemini favors the verbal arts.

The month is also overflowing with Taurus energy, and the Taurus energy is artistic as well, both in terms of graphic and verbal arts. Writing of all sorts is actually highlighted throughout the month, including writing for income. Freelance writers and those who work from home should be in particularly good shape.

If art or language are not your things, you can also think of all of this energy as being energy of attraction. In your own case, there’s a bit of extra magnetism as Mars continues moving through the sign opposite yours, Virgo. As we all know, opposites attract!

And lest we forget, Taurus is also the sign of beauty. Around the 10th, Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in your sign make a nice connection that pairs either imagination and beauty or glamor and beauty. Sweet!

Yet another theme of the month is details, not an area that your sign is known for being fond of. Mars in Virgo is big on details and so are the sun, Mercury, new moon, and Venus in Gemini this month.

The new moon on the 20th is also an eclipse and may present you with some sort of a choice to make or new information to consider. The area of change would most likely be your residence or family. For example, a sudden opportunity to move may come up and you need to decide whether you want to do that or not. If this eclipse affects you strongly, an entirely new phase of your domestic life may begin. Furthermore, next month Jupiter moves into your sector of domesticity and he’ll stay there an entire year. If things in this area aren’t developing yet, they will shortly.

Finally, the full moon in Scorpio on the 5th falls in your solar house of education. If you have an education related matter to complete, now’s the time to do it. Seems like that ought to be enough to keep you busy!

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