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Free Libra Horoscope for May 2012

April 23, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, libra monthly horoscope

There are all kinds of possibilities for fun and adventure in your chart in May, dear Libra. Let’s start with just one example. Sports. We’ve got pleasure-loving Venus in your sports-loving 9th house all month, joined as the month progresses by the sun, Mercury, and a new moon eclipse on the 20th. We’ve got Mars in exercise-craving Virgo in the back of your chart’s mind, itching to burn off some steam.

We also have organized activities loving Saturn in your own sign and competitive Uranus in Aries in the part of your chart that governs doing things with other people. And we’ve got planets in Taurus that would love to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Can you see how the month is designed for getting you out on the softball field?

Okay, fine. You’re wary of moving your body about and risking injury. No problemo. The month is also tailor-made for mental activities and games. Sudoku at the beach? That works. Hate numbers? Okay, fine, word games then. You’ve got lots of alternatives, maybe too many for a Libra to handle. If you can’t decide, have a party, and let your friends choose.

What about work you ask, about getting down to business? Well, if there’s a lot going on at your job someone failed to get the Neptunian memo, cuz your chart is just not that into it right now. Admittedly, you may have family business to attend to. Pluto in your sector of home and family is still pretty powerful and you may have literal physical stuff to get rid of, as in it’s really really time for a garage sale or to get your butt on eBay so you can auction off some of the excess junk your loved ones have accumulated. Or the opposite may be true, you may need to be investing in goods for a new or remodeled residence. But you can squeeze that in around your fun time, can’t you?

Oh, did I mention, there’s a ton of travel energy for you this month, too? I didn’t? Well, there is. What are you waiting for; get your vacation booked!

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