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Free Gemini Horoscope for May 2012

April 23, 2012 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: FREE MONTHLY HOROSCOPES, gemini monthly horoscope

Big month for Gemini. The sun moves into your sign just in time for a new moon eclipse on the 20th that seems intended to open doors for you. There’s increased sensuality and beauty this month, too, thanks partly to the influence of sun and Mercury in Taurus until the 24th. Touchy-feely days include Mother’s Day, when the sun conjuncts Jupiter, and the 22nd, when Mercury joins Jupiter. After that, it’s pretty much all you. The sun in your sign, Mercury in your sign, Venus in your sign, and next month, Jupiter moves into your sign. Everything’s coming up Gemini!

There is some resistance to the rule of Gemini, mostly from Mars in Virgo, who makes a habit of resisting whatever he can. You may feel that on the homefront. But mostly, especially as we get to the end of May, it’s just the kind of month that suits your sign. What that means is there’s plenty of turnover in the energy. Not a lot of routine and repetition. Multiple things going on, different things to be interested in, new ideas, a springy feeling.

Of course, you may wish there was a bit more routine around the house. Your sign actually tends to like things tidy and organized in its living space, the house clean, everything in its place and easily located. It also tends to have an extreme dislike for mechanical objects breaking down, even though your sign is pretty good at fixing them. Things aren’t actually scheduled to settle down in regard to residential affairs until July. But heck, you’ve been dealing with disruption in that regard since October, you can handle another couple of months of unsettlement.

Other influences are largely favorable. Saturn in Libra is behaving himself and his influence this month bodes well for creative types. Geminis in a more romantic frame of mind can get some help from Saturn too, especially if you remember that he is transiting your love life sector with the intention of helping you clarify your values and make conscious choices when it comes to your desires. Saturn loves conscious choices, which is a good thing to remember. Some people don’t like Saturn’s influence for precisely this reason; they prefer to make their choices on autopilot, without stopping to think about them. Your sign actually likes to think, though, so Saturn gets along with your sign quite well.

Not a bad month.

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