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Your Second Saturn Return

March 09, 2010 By: Victoria Bazeley Category: Midlife, current events, the planets, transits



Note: This article will form part of the International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon, March 19-21. There will be links to an entire collection of articles on Saturn on March 20 at the following URL: http://mandilockley.blogspot.com/2010/03/look-after-saturn-saturn-will-look.html. Check it out!

If you were born between late November 1950 and late October 1953 and your natal Saturn is in Libra, you are either experiencing your second Saturn return or will experience it soon. The second Saturn return is a predictable astrological phenomenon that occurs for everyone between the ages of approximately 58 to 60. It marks the time when Saturn returns to the sign it was when you were born.

One of the issues that almost inevitably comes up during the second Saturn return is aging. Saturn rules the aging process, and it is obviously pretty normal for a person approaching their 60s to think about getting older. For the generation experiencing the second Saturn return in Libra during the next couple of years (Saturn will be in Libra, with the exception of a short break in spring and summer 2010, into October 2012), the second Saturn return will be impacted by the presence of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Both of these other energies clash with Saturn in Libra and therefore throw issues into sharper relief. stickysaturn

Let’s look briefly at how Pluto and Uranus can affect, although not fundamentally change, the dynamics of the second Saturn return.

Potential dynamic #1: Uranus in Aries represents, among other things, a rush of youthful impulsive energy, the desire for heedless, even reckless change. You may feel that events in society are making you all the more aware that things are changing faster than you’d like. You may feel like, or even be accused of being, a fuddy-duddy who wants to stand in the way of change. On a more personal level, the opposition between Uranus and Saturn could make you even more aware that your body isn’t what it used to be, and maybe your outlook isn’t either.

Potential dynamic #2: Saturn is a pretty lonely planet by nature, and in Libra, the fear of aloneness can be quite acute. You might think about being lonely if you retire, about not having a spouse or companion, about losing friends to death or illness. You’re ‘supposed’ to think about these things during the second Saturn return, because Saturn, a realistic and self-reliant planet, wants you to understand your own resources and to plan for a deeper confrontation with yourself, now that typical life tasks such as raising children or building a career are essentially complete. With challenges coming at you from two important outer planets, you may even feel a bit isolated in your point of view on things, as though you have accidentally stepped out of the mainstream.

Potential dynamic #3: Confronting mortality. At the second Saturn return, you realize your actions have consequences because you will not be living forever. You need, in essence, to make the most of the time you’ve got. With Pluto in Capricorn closely squaring Saturn in Libra off and on during this cycle, you may feel that death and mortality are getting all up in your face these days.

So…how to confront these things? I have a few suggestions that should apply regardless of when your second Saturn return is. I’m not saying they will make the current times wildly fun or that they substitute for the hard work of being yourself. But at least they can give you something to think about as you face this important transition in your life.

Suggestion #1: Face the fact that you’re not going to be who you used to be and that’s a good thing. Do the Saturnian thing and prepare for your future. If fear of loneliness and isolation are creeping around the edges of your thoughts, run a movie of your future in your mind. Make it come out with a happy ending.

How wonderful could it be to be able to do what you want, instead of what everyone else wants? How wonderful could it be to be a mentor instead of an employee, part of a girls’ trip to Las Vegas instead of a doting wife, and so on. Play around with the pictures in your head. I can almost guarantee you that there are parts of your subconscious mind that are just itching to shed some elements of the identities you’ve built up. Remember, if society’s values seem to be morphing away from what’s familiar to you, that your values count too. It’s okay to speak up for your own Saturn perspective. Goodness knows, we’ll likely need it.

Suggestion #2: Learn something. Not something easy. Something hard. Something that could be of benefit in your community. Like how to be a volunteer mediator or arbitrator (great for Libra energy). How to speak Spanish if there are many in your town who do so. How to program a website. Okay, I know these kinds of things could be daunting, but there’s a big payoff. You will grow new connections between your neurons. Literally. New connections will help keep your brain healthy and your mood stable.

The key to Saturn’s heart is contributing your fair share to society (it rules the community-minded 10th house). It wants so much for you to leave some kind of a tangible contribution or legacy. Make it happy. Step up to the plate and make a contribution of a type you’ve never been able to make before. Not only will you make Saturn feel useful, you’ll soak up some of that restless Uranus in Aries energy, energy that also cares about society, learning new things, and making changes. It won’t exactly make you feel young again, but it will alter your understanding of what aging really is. Furthermore, since the clash between outer planets indicates that society is going through some fundamental shifts, any contribution you can make to the larger community helps us all by easing the transition a bit.

Suggestion #3: Confront mortality as directly as you can. Okay, this is hard for a lot of us, including me. But Saturn has every right to be curious about it, and so do you. It is only natural to want to prepare for something none of us are going to be able to escape. I’ll give an example of a woman I met who made exquisite use of the second Saturn return. She went to school to take classes in biomedical ethics. She learned how to give counseling to families who have to make end-of-life decisions for their family members. Talk about confronting an issue in a useful way. Talk about making a contribution to society. She got to satisfy the Saturnian (and Plutonian) urge to find out what death is all about and to prepare, but she also got to help other people in a very important way. And…she kept her brain, heart, and soul sharp by challenging them with a new activity. She participated in the changes in society rather than hiding from them.

You can do these things, too. Maybe in a slightly different way than I’ve suggested, but you can do them too. You just might find, as many of my clients do, that when the second Saturn return is over, you actually feel like you have a whole new lease on life.

Blogger Victoria Bazeley specializes in the astrology of midlife, the key time periods between age 38 to age 60. She has written for ThirdAge.com, started the website Practical Astrology and now blogs here at Midlife Transits. Become a Facebook fan!

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6 Comments to “Your Second Saturn Return”

  1. I’m a Libra with Saturn on the Ascendant. I can relate to the ‘Potential Dynamic #2′ up top. Saturn really is hardcore! Looks like it’ll be back in 30 years to push a few more buttons. Ugh!

  2. Jacque E. says:

    I am so glad I found your page…OMG this is my 2ND Saturn return…the only thing that beats this, is the loss of my son 14 years ago…..I am going thru it….I have a stellium in my 5Th house all in Libra….Gemini rising, moon in Aries, my sun conjuncts my 8th…I am a 12 degree capricorn….UGH….I love how you write!!!!! .

  3. wow, I would like to copy what Jacque E says. thank you. I have been searching for info on 2nd Saturn return and you absolutely nailed it.
    Saturn in the 6th, that same Libra stellium is in my 6th instead of 5th…

    thank you. I’ll chase down your links now.

  4. Thank you so much for this article. I am turning 60 in October and all of what you wrote has been “all up in my face” since the day after I turned 59. I can’t seem to turn my thoughts away. I printed the article to put in my journal so I can work with it during my final 3 month descent.

  5. wow..I just turned 60 yesterday. I realized it is in the quality of the questions we ask…the speaking of our positive outcomes..and the put the previous Libran’s wording of “descent” on alert. I feel as if I have sprouted wings based on the life experience I have here to for acquired and am committed to boldly expanding the framework of my future to house my gifts.

    And this morning I was told in confidence…someone would have been chasing me, but he thought I was too young for him. His guess…mid thirties..My dears..I suggest you keep up with your joyful workouts…mine is swimming in the river and bicycling..and hiking..and pacing on the phone. You are just a baby…said the h&r block older gentleman when he asked my birthdate..Don’t let anyone take the real gift of the second return from you…the future is here and you call the shots! Godspeed!

  6. I have just seen my saturn return leave libra but still in orb in my 12th house. I was caring for an elderly mother during the entire return as she gradually declined. I believe the second saturn return will put many of us in that exact position. I doubted my mom would make it past the end of my saturn return. She passed two days after it left libra but was will on orb and in my twelfth house, My reflection leads me to the following. Did she pass after it left libra because I n longer needed the saturn in the 2th house lesson of burden and responsibility ? Or did it actually play out the way I predicted. Withe the return in my 12th I just felt she would be lost to me before the saturn return ended. it took an interesting flip here. I cannot help but wonder. Well was it still in orb? Did I meet the lesson of the the return? Was the thoughts of aging and death compounded by this journey? My thoughts go back to the facts that the saturn return will be tied into caring for an elderly parent for many of us. I wonder if this final separation is still another part of the return?


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